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Lingadore is a family owned dutch brand and claims itself as luxurious but affordable. I can attest they do it very well, their lingerie is trendy, sometime sexy, and they use fabric of quality. Always comfortable, their bras are perfectly suited for women anatomy, still keeping in mind the pricing.

The Bras

What I like about Lingadore, is that if a shape suits you, you will find it across different seasonal collections in different models and colors. For our first bra selection, I decided to showcase 2 different shapes so there is something for everyone.

The first shape is the push up the Lingadore way. They call it Gel bra and our customers love it for its push-up effect and are always surprised by its unmatchable comfort. Indeed, this padded cup contains a liquid gel that embraces the curves of the breast.The result is a perfect fitting and a natural cleavage. This season we chose the Fearless, for it magnificent night blue and the detailed floral lace on the back straps.

The liquid gel pads are safely embedded in the cups and give that little bit of extra push where it is most needed. - Lingadore
Plunge Push-up Fearless Lingadore

Plunge Push-up Fearless

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The second shape model is the half-cup bra. It's a european brands classic, also know as balconette in Lingadore collections, or corbeille in France. This iconic shape creates an uplift breast with a low-neckline and the light molded cup gives a rounded shape. Dont get mistaken, this shape is perfect for BOTH small AND large sizes. The collection of choice this season is Pleasure with Jacquard prints, the straps are removable so you can wear it like a strapless bra.

This balconet bra is suitable for small as big breasts. But also for uneven breasts and with most fullness at the bottom is this bra a perfect choice - Lingadore
Half-cup Pleasure Lingadore

Half-cup Pleasure

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You also find this cup shape in the Daily collection by Lingadore. In this continuous collection the multiway molded Daily bra have of course a half-cup shape but here the molded cup is lightweight to perfectly follow your breasts' shape. The plus of this bra is a multiway system strap to be worn halterneck or crossed back for a maximum support.

The cups have some elasticity at the upper cup and thereby can easily adjust to the fullness of the breast, instead of your breast having to adjust to rigid cups. - Lingadore
Multiway Molded Daily Lingadore

Multiway Molded Daily

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The Panties

All bra collections have the panties to be paired with. For each collection we try to offer you 2 different types of panties that will suit any women. Minimal to full cover, opaque or with sheer lace, they all have something in common: comfort.

body short daily lace lingadore

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The Lingerie

Lingadore, it's also a nightware collection, mixing soft fabric and lace for pleasant nights or sexy evenings. Our first selection contains a Night dress and a Top and Short set. This season our favorite is the Earth Nightdress with a beautiful floral lace in the back. The satin tissu is soft and light, perfect for Singapore's warm climate.

Night-dress Earth Lingadore

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I am sure you will find what you need with Lingadore. If you have a doubt about the size, don't hesitate to check the fitting tab and the size chart available the product page, or just contact us.

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