Why buying bras and lingerie online in Singapore?

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We often hesitate to buy our lingerie or clothes on an online shop. Still, we do weekly purchases online (Groceries, events ticket's, travels etc.). Why not lingerie? We will give you good reasons to buy your bras and lingerie online.

You always see the same designs and brands in Singapore's malls.

On internet you can discover new brands, different designs and also buy the lingerie that you need. Sexy, casual, for everyday, padded, laced or fashionable, there is something for every tastes.
But it is not all about the good style, the most important thing is to find the right size. Because we are all different (small cup, large cup, thin body, large body), the bra size range is large and an online shop is perfect to find your bra size.
Amelie's bra provide bands between 30-36 and cups between B-F. 
When you buy online you also have access to a wide price range. You can shop around and choose the lingerie within your budget. And you have quickly access to a large market opened anytime. 
One very good reason to buy online is not only the online shop experience but the fitting at home. The privacy of your home makes it a perfect place to try cosily your lingerie. No stress, you have time to check if your bra fits you.

Buying online is a good way to treat yourself with a new lingerie. Why not now? Start shopping on our webstore.

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